An Overview of World Maritime University’s Sustainability Study


 Northeast Maritime Institute pic
Northeast Maritime Institute

An accomplished maritime policy expert based in Massachusetts, Eric Dawicki co-founded Northeast Maritime Institute – College of Maritime Science, where he serves as President. Alongside his activities at the private maritime college, Eric Dawicki has worked closely with other academic organizations, including World Maritime University in Malmo, Sweden. His responsibilities there include serving as Chairman of the school’s 30-year feasibility study.

Over 35 years after first opening its doors, the university has grown to become one of the world’s top post-graduate institutions focused on maritime and oceans education. To ensure its continued success and growth into the future, Chancellor Koji Sekimizu initiated a financial sustainability study examining the University’s future goals and long-term priorities.

Prepared and led by a panel of high-level advisors, the 18-month study concluded in 2015. Study leaders proposed eight key strategies for maintaining World Maritime University’s financial sustainability. These included a recommendation that the university should expand its focus to include ocean-related matters while increasing its research capabilities in the area of maritime and ocean policy. Other recommendations from the study advised the university to develop more opportunities for collaboration with other universities as well as the International Maritime Organization.

In addition to short-term and medium-term objectives, the sustainability study reviewed historical developments at the university and outlined measures to strengthen its long-term financial position. These measures included expanding fellowship providers and establishing an endowment fund with a fundraising target of $100 million.


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